The result of a social strategy 121 with me is a bespoke plan for your social media for your business. We will:

Audit your current social profiles

Decide social media objectives

Write your target customer pen portrait 

Understand your content pillars

Explore which social platforms are relevant to your business

Discover what content works on which platform

Brainstorm content sources you have and types of content you can post

Learn how to use social insights and measure activity.

There will be time for you to ask questions, and explore how to post efficiently e.g. scheduling, using stories, reels, hashtags. You will have a clear plan which will ensure your social activity is consistent and engaging for your target audience achieving your business goals.

Following our 2 hour session, you will receive a written plan for you to follow and 3 bespoke social content posts created on one of your profiles.

If you want to get clear on your social media get in touch.​​​